Joey Chiao-Yin Hsiao

A Believer of the Strength of Weak Ties


Hello! I am Joey Hsiao, or officially Chiao-Yin Hsiao / 蕭喬尹. I am a User Experience & Human-Computer Interaction researcher specialized in mixed-methods and longitudinal field studies. I am passionate about understanding how technologies influence user trust and community development. My PhD research focused on recent immigrants' use of local P2P e-commerce platforms, and contributed design recommendations that can largely improve this population's trust and commitment to their local communities and also the platforms.

I received my PhD degree from the School of Information, University of Michigan (UMSI) in 2021. During my PhD, I was a member of the Social Innovations Group (SIG), advised by Prof. Tawanna Dillahunt. I received a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University (NTU-CSIE), advised by Prof. Jane Yung-Jen Hsu.

I believe in the theory - strength of the weak ties, so I love to meet new friends and introduce friends to each other.

For more details, please check my CV (updated Feb. 2023).


Ongoing Projects

Newly Arrived Immigrants' Technology Use for Sociotechnical Adaptation

Past Projects

Exploring Information Needs Sparked by Email

Designing Next-Generational Employment Tools for Underserved Job Seekers

Discovering People-Nearby Applications' Benefits for People who Face Life Transitions

Examining Factors Influencing Participation in the Sharing Economy


Journal Articles & Conference Papers

  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y., Darling, S., and Dillahunt, T. R. (2023). How Recent Migrants Develop Trust Through Community Commerce: The Emergence of Sociotechnical Adaptation. To Appear in Proc. of the ACM Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 7, CSCW 1. [paper]
  • Lu, A. J., Gilhool, A., Hsiao, J. C.-Y. and Dillahunt, T. R. (2022). Emotional Labor in Everyday Resilience: Class-based Experiences of Navigating Unemployment Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in the US. In Proc. of the ACM Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 6, CSCW 2. [paper]
  • Dillahunt, T. R., Rodrigues, L. S., Hsiao, J. C.-Y. and Cherubini, M. (2021). Self-regulation and Autonomy in the Job Search: Key Factors to Support Job Search among Swiss Job Seekers. In Interacting with Computers, Vol. 33., No. 5. [paper]
  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y. and Bentley, F. (2021). Exploring Email-Prompted Information Needs. In Proc. of the ACM Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 5, CSCW 2. (Honorable Mention; Presenter). [paper]
  • Cherubini, M., Lu, A. J., Hsiao, J. C.-Y., Zhao, M., Aggarwal, A., and Dillahunt, T. R. (2021). Elucidating Skills for Job Seekers: Insights and Critical Concerns from a Field Deployment in Switzerland. In Proc. of DIS'21. [paper]
  • Dillahunt, T. R., Israni A., Lu A. J., Cai M., Hsiao, J. C.-Y. (2021). Examining the Use of Online Platforms for Employment: A Survey of US Job Seekers. In Proc. of CHI'21. (AC rate: 26.3%). [paper]
  • Dillahunt, T. R. and Hsiao, J. C.-Y. (2021). SkillsIdentifier: A Tool to Promote Career Identity and Self-efficacy Among Underrepresented Job Seekers. In Proc. of HICSS'21. (Presenter). [paper]
  • Dillahunt T. R. and Hsiao, J. C.-Y. (2020). Positive Feedback and Self-reflection: Features to Support Self-efficacy among Resource-constrained Job Seekers. In Proc. of CHI'20. (AC rate: 24.3%; Presenter). [paper]
  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y. and Dillahunt, T. R. (2018). Technology to Support Immigrant Access to Social Capital and Adaptation to a New Country. Proc. of the ACM Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 2, CSCW, Article 70. (AC rate: 25.6%; Presenter). [paper]
  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y., Moser, C., Schoenebeck, S., and Dillahunt, T. R. (2018). The Role of Demographics, Trust, Computer Self-efficacy, and Ease of Use in the Sharing Economy. In Proc. of COMPASS'18. (Presenter). [paper]
  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y., and Dillahunt, T. R. (2017). People-Nearby Applications: How Newcomers Move Their Relationships Offline and Develop Social and Cultural Capital. In Proc. of CSCW'17. (AC rate: 33%; Presenter). [paper]
  • Rajan, R., Hsiao, J. C.-Y., Lahoti, D., and Selker, T. (2013). Roger that! - The Value of Adding Social Feedback in Audio-mediated Communications. In Proc. of INTERACT'13. (AC rate: 31%). [paper]
  • Tsai, W.-C. Hsiao, J. C.-Y., Lee, H.-C., Huang, C.-H., Hu, J.-C., Liang, R.-H., and Hsu, Y.-J. (2013). Designing a Reminiscence Aid in Personal Soundscape. In Proc. of IASDR'13. [paper]

Posters, Workshop Papers, and Theses

  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y. (2021). Online and Offline Adaptation among Transnational Newcomers: Technology-mediated Social Exchange and Trust Development. Dissertation. [dissertation]
  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y. and Dillahunt, T. R. (2021). More than Shared Ethnicity: Shared Identity’s Role in Transnational Newcomers’ Trust in Local Consumer-to-Consumer E-commerce. Presented at CHI 2021 Late-breaking Work Session. (Presenter). [extended abstract]
  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y. (2019). Fostering Immigrants’ Trust in Online Local Social Exchange. Presented at CSCW 2019 Doctoral Consortium. (Presenter). [extended abstract]
  • Haimson, O. L., Semaan, B., Dym, B., Hsiao, J. C.-Y., Herron, D., and Moncur, W. (2020). Life Transitions and Social Technologies: Research and Design for Times of Life Change. Workshop proposal at CSCW 2019. (Co-organizer). [extended abstract]
  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y., Dillahunt, T. R. (2017). Detecting Life Changes: Increasing Opportunities to Benefit from People-Nearby Applications. Presented at CHI 2017. (Presenter). [extended abstract]
  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y., Pan, M.-H., Wang, H.-C., and Hsu, Y.-J. (2015). The Price of the Priceless: Understanding Estimated Costs of Work in Friendsourcing. Presented at CHI 2015. (Presenter). [extended abstract]
  • Tsai, W.-C., Lee, H.-C., Hsiao, J. C.-Y., Liang, R.-H., and Hsu, Y.-J. (2013). Framing Design of Reminiscence Aids with Transactive Memory Theory. Presented at CHI 2013. [extended abstract]
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  • Hsiao, J. C.-Y., Jih, W.-R., and Hsu, Y.-J. (2012). Recognizing Continuous Social Engagement Level in Dyadic Conversation by Using Turn-taking and Speech Emotion Patterns. Presented at AAAI'12 Activity Context Representation (ACR) Workshop. (Presenter). [paper]